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Excellent maintenance for residential and commercial gate systems

The best gate tips for fast maintenance and proper inspection of the parts. Refresh your methods here!

  • Check the motor unit of your automatic gate for insects frequently

    Since the unit is set on the ground, insects may find their way in. They are usually found around the warmest places - the motor and the circuit board. Remove them gently by hand or using a small soft brush. Be extra careful around the circuit board as it has sensitive components and complex wiring. Remember to shut off the power supply to the opener in the first place.

  • Inquire about the safety features

    If you have a new driveway gate opener or another type of opener installed, it is advisable to learn about its safety features. You have to be familiar with the safety features so you can regularly check if they are still working. You can have all the maintenance service you can avail, but it is still more preferable to have safety features.

  • Do a Close Visual Check

    Doing a close inspection on your gate and gate opener, if any, will allow you to notice small cracks, damage, and corroding. Our specialists recommend doing this every once in a while to know the condition of your gate. If you find any imperfections, call the gate service company to have them fixed.

  • Get the best opener possible

    These days, you can find extraordinary gate openers from fantastic manufacturers, which really produce excellent and very modern products. This way, you will have the chance to enjoy more features and accessories, which will enhance safety. Branded modern openers are more durable, quieter and have great characteristics.

  • Keep your rolling gate safe

    When you maintain the rolling gate often, you will actually prevent many problems. Gate Repair Bronx insists that regular services will help you keep the gate longer and the whole system will be strong, reliable and resistant. Hence, you won't deal with accidents and injuries either.

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