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Automatic gate owners seeking professional advice regarding this complex electro-mechanical system should check out the following tips. Our team is always available if you're in need of assistance.

Do a close visual inspection every so often

Performing a close inspection of your gate and its electric opener, if it has one, will allow you to notice small cracks, specks of rust and other signs of damage. Our specialists recommend doing this every once in a while to make sure your driveway gate is in fact in great shape and to have any issue you discover dealt with as soon as possible, to prevent it from becoming a major problem later on.

Learn about the safety features of your gate opener

Your driveway gate opener has certain safety features put in place to ensure that it will reverse when an object or a person gets in its way. It's important that you familiarize yourself with these features (the safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanism, for example) to ensure that you know how to check their functionality every so often.

Choose your new gate’s make wisely

Steel gates are the most popular option because of their durability and the fairly small amount of maintenance that they require. You can paint a steel unit in any color that you want. The wrought iron gates can have gorgeous ornamentation, but they require special care to protect them from damage. Wood gates are beautiful and give a maximum amount of privacy given their solid panels, but they need repainting annually to stay protected.

Plain asphalt should not be used for covering the cuts of gate safety loops

Asphalt can crumble over time and leave the wiring exposed. That is why it is best to use a specially formulated sealant for covering the loops. It can be easily reapplied if needed. You should not worry about the sealant negatively affecting the looks of your driveway, as it comes in asphalt color. Concrete color is available too.


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