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When your gate doesn't close, the opener is making a loud noise or the intercom stopped working, we at “Gate Repair in Bronx” are there for you. We know anything there is to know about new residential gate openers, intercom systems and openers of any brand and year. From steel to wrought iron, you can count on our team for the best solution for every material, as a wooden gate will have different needs from a steel one. Repairs, replacements, welding, programming and of course troubleshooting – after so many years in this business, you can count on us for perfect results every time. If the problem is urgent and you can't open your driveway gate, take advantage of our same day service. We'll be with you as fast as possible and get your gate up and running again in no time!Gate Repair Services  in Bronx

Residential Gate Repair Services

Our gate repair services include all necessary actions which must be taken so that your gate will function properly and safely as it should. There are variations among residential gate intercom systems and openers, but you can be rest assured our team is familiar with every single one. Our gate opener repair service includes fixing sensors, wires, motors and all parts of the operator. The sensors are extremely important when it comes to automatic gates. They can sense that something crosses the gate's path, and reverse the operation automatically. If needed, they will be replaced as a part of the service in order to make sure your gate is perfectly safe and reliable to use. You can also count on us to repair the keypad and intercom system as well. Rely on us if the gate track is loose, the rollers are damaged and the gate needs adjustment.

What if a certain part of your gate cannot be fixed, you asked? It will be replaced on the spot. Yes! From broken hinges, severely-dented tracks, sensors and even openers – we've got you covered! Our team is always fully equipped with high quality replacement parts and professional tools in order to make sure that any problem is taken care of on the spot.

Let us fix your gate today! Contact us over the phone or send us a message. We are always at your service!

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