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If you are worried about door maintenance, read on for answers to your questions on gate repair.

  • What are the pros and cons of linear arm openers for swing gates?

    These openers have several major advantages with the most important one being that they are very economical. In addition to using very little energy, they are easy to run and to keep in good shape. The quick installation is also a major plus. The main drawback of the linear arm gate operators is that they are not particularly strong.

  • What is the operational range of gate remote controls?

    Typically, gate remote controls can work as far as 500 feet or 150 meters. It is also possible to extend their range by using enhancement antennas. For many brand name gate operators, however, the average operational range is only around 100 to 150 feet. The higher ranges are usually from third party remote controls.

  • Is it good to invest in a pedestrian gate?

    Our experts recommend using specific gates for specific purposes. The pedestrian gate can be used exclusively for people while the main gate can be used for vehicles. This is a good idea as it will help prevent accidents and injuries.

  • What are the best tips before gate installation?

    Find the ideal gate material, which will be resistant. Consider the weather of your location. Give emphasis on the quality and sensor devices of your residential gate openers. Make sure you choose the right gate type, so that it will open all the way.

  • How can I ensure gates will last long?

    It's vital to remember that your automatic roll up is exposed to the outside conditions at all times. Its lifespan will be prolonged with frequent maintenance and immediate repairs should there's a problem. Maintenance must include cleaning, lubrication and replacement of broken gate parts.

  • Should I get remote or wireless keypad?

    Modern gate remotes are extremely safe and convenient and you can also have a multicode remote for several openers. Though, gate opener keypads will give you the chance to have as many access codes as you want that are also changeable according to Gate Repair Bronx.

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