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If you consider hiring us for electric gate repair, installation and/or maintenance, you will benefit from reading about our latest projects. Get to know us now to ensure that your gate will be in good hands.

Wooden Gate Installation | Gate Repair Bronx NY

Wooden Gate Installation

Customer Issue: As part of his outdoor renovations, Mr. Matthews needed to install a new driveway gate. He opted for an automatic ranch style wooden gate.
Our Solution: After we measured the driveway width and stress tested the adjacent fence posts, we helped Mr. Matthews pick out a specific gate. In the end, he went with a classic lightweight ranch door with a little bit of in-house customization along the top. Since he picked a light model, finding a suitable opener was no problem.

Logan Matthews - Bronx
Gate Won't Close | Gate Repair Bronx, NY

Gate Won't Close

Customer Issue: There was a broken hinge preventing the gate from closing properly.
Our Solution: We had a matching spare hinge and installed it in the place of the broken one. To ensure smooth operation, we tightened and greased the remaining hinges too.

Roy Sullivan - Bronx
Swing Gate Repair | Gate Repair Bronx, NY

Swing Gate Repair

Customer Issue: The wooden swing gate panels had clear signs of decay.
Our Solution: The damage was fixable, so we carved out the rotten material, filled and sealed the holes and added protection to prevent similar issues in the future.

Keith Stewart - Bronx
Gate Opener Installation | Gate Repair Bronx, NY

Gate Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Our customer wanted an advanced opener for her slide gate.
Our Solution: After our consultation with her, Priscilla picked the LiftMaster RSL12U slide gate opener. We powered it, enabled the battery backup, connected it to the gate via the sprocket and chain system and programmed the remote and keypad.

Priscila Evans - Yonkers
The Best Technicians

The Best Technicians

With decades of gate repair experience, our team can fix any problem!
High End Products

High End Products

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Emergency Service

Emergency Service

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Safety First

Safety First

Every service is performed according to industry's safety standards

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