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“Gate Repair Bronx” has the pleasure to work with proficient technicians and prides itself for its capacity to provide both gate and garage door services. You can be sure that we have the perfect infrastructures and the ideal technical teams so that we can cover all these needs efficaciously. You can trust us when parts break and you want emergency services and you can rely on us for consultation and casual problems.

We offer remarkable garage door services

Garage Door Repair in BronxWe are always in haste to reach you fast but never in rush to leave your garage before every problem is solved and every part properly repaired. You can count on us for a great range of garage door repair services, which would include:

Garage door spring repair
Our repairmen fix garage spring issues immediately. We dispatch our emergency 24/7 crews when there is need for immediate spring repair. We are experts in spring adjustment, excel in their replacement and use the right equipment so that the service will be completed properly and on time.

Genie garage door opener service
The teams of our company are all familiar with all branded electric operators and specialize in Genie repair. We service openers with attention and make sure the new ones are installed perfectly, the door force is set properly, the overhead door moves safely and the sensors are adjusted. We repair opener issues 24/7 and are excellent troubleshooting experts.

Liftmaster remote replacement
Lost and broken remotes are replaced fast. If they are stolen, we help our customers to erase them from the opener unit as soon as possible as a security precaution. We can provide you with a clicker, which is compatible with the current opener, and we make sure it is programmed right away. All remotes are ordered straight from the manufacturer.

Garage door hinge repairs
Hinges are metallic parts, which might rust, bent or get damaged in many ways and for multiple reasons. We fix problems related to hinges and our technicians will tightened their fasteners in order to ensure stability but when the problem is serious, we immediately replace them. We know how to replace hinges of sectional doors and it is our job to check the hinges, which connect garage door rollers with the door. In any case, hinge replacement is done properly and with accuracy.

Garage door bearings replacement
Bearings are considered secondary parts but they are extremely important as supporting components especially of torsion springs. Hardware like that might rust or get damaged and you can be sure that we will replace them as soon as possible with attention and make sure of the right movement of the door.

Customers can trust our services and see their needs covered on time. We are technicians with skills and are never late to our appointments. We respect your time as we respect your investment and make everything possible to repair damages properly. Our efficiency is your guarantee that the work will be done accurately. We offer full services, specialize in residential garage door service and promise excellence. Contact us if you need assistance!

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